We are unique

At Asgro we think along with you and we do things a little bit different whenever possible. We have therefore chosen to establish our own production plant in China and a private factory in Bulgaria. That allows us to produce our own big-bags, container bags, plate bags, PE bags, foils and other packaging products. By eliminating the middle-man, we are able to offer you a better price on our products.

Why choose Asgro


By combining our years of knowledge and experience, we can offer you several high-quality products as part of our own HIGHTEC label. This is a brand that we are very proud of and that has become a familiar term in the asbestos sanitation industry. Well-known HIGHTEC products include:

  • Disposable overalls Cat III type 5/6
  • Silver duct tape of excellent quality, available in 48 mm and 72 mm x 50 metre
  • Extra strong spray adhesive
  • Clothing, as a set or separate
  • Big bags, container bags and mini asbestos bags produced according to SC-530.

As part of the HIGHTEC brand, we also offer foils, shower sluices and custom-built decontamination units.

Quick delivery of products

We understand the importance of having your products delivered to you quickly. A pending order is highly undesirable. Asgro therefore makes sure that all products ordered before 14:00 are delivered to you the next day. It is of course also possible to pick up items that we have in stock at one of our branches.

Flexibility is important to us

Flexibility is a key part of our business. Asbestos sanitation machinery can be brought to our branch in Vianen for maintenance, inspection or repair. However, we also offer you the opportunity to have your equipment picked up, delivered or serviced on-site.

Discover what else Asgro can do for you and which of our products and services can help you improve your corporate results. Even if you have requests that are not strictly part of our regular services, please do not hesitate to contact is. We would like to help you look for possibilities and solutions.